Sheetfed Infrared Drying Systems

Ultraviolet Curing Systems for Box Makers

Manufacturing and supplying dependable infrared drying systems for sheetfed presses.

Sheetfed Infrared Drying Systems

Sheetfed Infrared Drying Equipment

Our equipment lineup for sheetfed presses includes:

  • Infrared Drying Systems

  • Aqueous Coating Drying Systems

While aqueous coating over printed ink, it is necessary to heat the inks and simultaneously remove water from the coating. We use a combination of infrared energy, heated air knives and evacuators to enable printed sheets to be dried at full press speeds.

We offer NIR, short wave, and medium wave infrared dryers for presses without coating capabilities.

We offer aqueous drying packages for sheet fed presses with aqueous coating capabilities.

Infrared drying on conventional presses will promote faster drying of inks allowing quicker turn around.

Please call with questions about drying and curing solutions.

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