Increasing Corrugator Speed

Increasing Corrugator Speed

Improve the efficiency and speed capabilities of corrugators with energy from infrared drying systems.

Increasing Corrugator Speed

Reducing board blistering, warp, and washboarding

Several areas of process control using infrared energy emitters are beneficial. Controlling cross direction (CD) moisture profiles and increasing adhesives solids at the glue line are two. Controlling these variables could result in reduced board blistering, warp, and washboarding. These are major problems directly impacting board quality. Controlling these key variables with the use of infrared energy emitters would reduce waste. With regard to conditioning, infrared energy emitters being noncontact, will impact paper moisture less as compared to conventional contact heating. This will have a positive effect on runnability and bondability.

Optimal penetration of layers with infrared energy

A variety of adhesives have been used in recent years.  All are water based, and the water has to be removed from the adhesive to form sufficient bonds with each layer of paper.  Any change in speed of the corrugator results in material that is either underdried or overdried. Overdried board invariably produces poor or weak starch bonds, because the water is evaporated, adequate penetration has been made into each paper surface. Underdried board leaves too much water in the material, causing similar defects.  Our solution will vary the energy intensity in accordance with the corrugator speed.

Adding Infrared Energy to Double Backer
Double Backer Speed Optimization
Corrugator Efficiency Improvements

Increase corrugator speeds by up to 30%

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