OXYTECH SYSTEMS™ can significantly increase your production speeds and improve gloss levels.


Improve your drying process with OXYTECH SYSTEMS™ Air Knife Systems

OXYTECH SYSTEMS™ can provide either ambient or, heated air knife systems.  Systems can be either fixed or portable.

OXYTECH SYSTEMS™ Heated Air Knives are blower driven and designed to give maximum efficiency for high velocity air drying of inks, coatings and, blow off applications. Our systems feature a continuous, uninterrupted air slot for uniform air coverage over the projected area.

  • Increase your production speeds with OXYTECH SYSTEMS™

  • Yield higher speeds and better gloss levels

  • Unique design decreases time for scheduled maintenance

  • Portable systems can move from press to press with ease and are adjustable to virtually any web path configuration

  • Solid state controls assure 24/7 performance and reliability

Contact us to learn how heated air knife systems from OXYTECH SYSTEMS can increase your production speeds and reduce downtime for scheduled maintenance.

Portable Air Knife
Heated Air Knives for Sheetfed Presses


  • Start the drying process of waterbased inks and aqueous coatings with high velocity headed air

  • Bottling and canning facilities use air knives to dry products prior to date coding or labeling

  • Water and chemicals can be sheared from surfaces after washing

  • Fruit and other food products are dried and, dirt and debris are blown off with air

  • After cutting or machining, debris and scrap are effectively removed from metal, wood, cardboard, plastic and other surfaces

  • Packaged foods are air dried without adding excessive heat

  • After applying coatings to parts, foods, etc, excess coating can be sheared off to evenly distribute the coating

  • Chemicals and flux can be removed from printed circuit boards

Heated Air Knives for Sheetfed Presses
Heated Air Knife

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