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Oxytech Systems is leading the industry in innovating solutions for high performance drying and curing needs.

Infrared Theory of Operation Drying Systems

Infrared Theory of Operation

The OXYTECH Drying System uses an Allen Bradley PLC with an Operator Interface Touch screen controlled combination of heated air knife streams, radiated heat from short wave or medium wave infrared dryer panels, and air evacuation in order to produce quality results.

The Drying System consists of the following major components:

  • Drying System Cabinet
  • Air Knife, Motor and Blower
  • Air Evacuation Motor and Blower
  • Operator Interface Touch Screen
  • Drying Cassettes to include:
    • Heated Air Knife Shells and Air Evacuators
    • Short Wave Infrared Panels
    • Medium Wave Infrared Panels ( high intensity)

For additional information regarding the Infrared Theory of Operation and how OXYTECH SYSTEMS and our family of quality products for the graphic arts and printing industries can address your needs, please contact us today.