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Oxytech Systems is leading the industry in innovating solutions for high performance drying and curing needs.

Ultraviolet Conveyor Curing Systems

Conveyorized Ultraviolet Curing Systems

Ultraviolet Conveyor Systems: An Innovative Technology Process for any Low Pile Press or manual feed application

  • Ultraviolet printing process delivers much higher quality of a printed sheet whether printed in black or multicolor. The print is sharper and brighter, especially when using uncoated stocks.
  • Ultraviolet Curing Systems are VOC free.
  • Multicolor work cured in one pass. No need for costly inter station curing units.
  • Available curing power up to 1000 watts per inch.
  • Fully portable Ultraviolet Curing systems.
  • Available in 220 or 480 volt.
  • Custom width available.

Conveyorized UV

 Low Pile Press   UV Innovative Technology Process

Learn more about ultraviolet conveyor systems, ultraviolet printing process and how you can enjoy a much higher quality printed page. Contact us today to learn more.