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Book Printing UV

UV printing: An Innovative Technology Process for a Book Printing Industry

  • UV printing process delivers much higher quality books whether printed in black or multicolor. The text, vignettes, cartoons, and comics are sharper and brighter, especially when using uncoated stocks.
  • UV Curing Systems react only with ink, not causing significant heat driven signature growth, resulting in flatter books, less web breaks and paper waste.
  • UV Curing Systems are VOC free, with a low odor and do not require a costly after burner process. UV emissions are exhausted into an outside atmosphere without any negative impact on the environment.
  • Significantly smaller foot print as compared to a conventional gas burning ovens.
  • The UV curing process is much more energy efficient than gas burning process, thus reducing significantly operating costs.

Book Printing UV

Book Printing UV Book Printing UV

For additional information regarding the Ultraviolet (UV) Curing and curing process for the book printing industry, as well as innovative Oxytech UV curing systems, please contact us today.